The Good King

18 [GM] - The Cost of Doing Business

With Templeton alone in the prince suite, McNulty came knocking on the door. Templeton invited him in. McNulty asked where his blue bodyguard was, to which Templeton replied that he was not there currently…

McNulty said he knew the group was really being the jewelry store burning, with the blue demon and halfling being identified by the clerk in the grocery store they ran through during the escape. The halflings badger footprints and smell were identified at the crime scene. The demon’s footprints at the battle with the Midnight Raiders linked Templeton and the rest of the group as well. Gralaak cracked after some short additional questioning.

McNulty explained that he didn’t really care about Minder & Tweely’s. The Midnight Raiders were on the hook for the heist, but there was still the matter of tax to be paid. He said Gralaak would be staying in the city and competing in he gladitorial fights against his cousin, an up and coming fighter named Marlo Stanfeld. As for the rest of the group, he said they owed 1,000gp or 2,000gp worth of jewelry. He also needs the Midnight Raiders out of his hair.

The two agreed on the following deal:

  • Rask would lead the group to the Midnight Raiders hideout in the mountains the next day. The group then gets rid of the Midnight Raiders. All reward money (50gp a head) would go toward the 1,000gp tax.

  • McNulty will then get the jewelry sold. After the rest of the tax is paid from that sale, McNulty would get 25% of the remaining proceeds.

  • Once that is complete, the group needs to leave the city in short order.

McNulty then gave Templeton the address and password to a high-end gambling joint. As there was a knock at the door (the rest of the group), McNulty downed his cocktail and drank a potion of invisibility, presumably leaving as the door was opened.

That night, Templeton, Eevan and Fofur went out to the gambling hall. While the actual deeds of the night are yet to be written, Fofur awoke in the morning with “IAmDumb” written on his forehead in ash, an empty green bottle with no label, and a case of the crabs…

The next morning, Rask lead the group of Templeton, Eevan, Fofur & Smitty up the mountain to the Midnight Raiders cave hideout. Templeton convinced Rask and his snow leopard to kill two of the Raiders for a nominal fee, as well as draw the two guarding the front down the path.

With a little help, the group dispatched all of the remaining Midnight Raiders; the leader, two lieutenants, and ten underlings. At the end of the battle Fofur collapsed, but was not yet dead…

Player / Character Hero Points Earned Hero Points Spent Asshole Points Earned & Spent Spent + / - Forfeited
Chris / Fofur 5 14 0 14 0
Evan / Templeton 4 2 0 2 0
Russ / Eevan 3 6 0 6 0
Clark / Smitty 4 2 0 2 0



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