The Good King

17 [GM] - Party Like a Princess

Raion went to get the guards, and returned shortly. During that time, Creed and Templeton reminded Fofur that he still needed a new hat. Fofur then split from the battle’s location to continue his search. He ended up delivering a drug package in exchange for a new hat.

The guards arrived with Raion and contained the crime scene, saying they were waiting for the investigator. After an uneventful wait, the investigator Jimmy McNulty showed up. Templeton explained that they had been attacked by who he guessed were the Midnight Raiders. They fought back, with Templeton killing two with his rapier and Creed (his bodyguard) killing the other with a dagger. When the investigator indicated that they were indeed Midnight Raiders, Templeton inquired about a reward. McNulty said he would let them know and asked where they were staying. He sent one of the guards, Ryeback to verify the information. Templeton requested to be able to leave, and McNulty said everything had to go “by the book”. He then cast a spell on the one Creed killed, which Templeton identified as Blood Biography. After casting a second spell that neither could identify, he moved on to the two that Templeton killed. There he appeared to cast Blood Biography again, and then found “items” on the bodies that he called one of the guards over to validate in his notebook.

When Ryeback returned and their story checked out, McNulty said they were free to go and that he expected the lock down to last only a day or so longer. Templeton invited him to his room at the Noble Chalice, which McNulty declined, but said someone would be in touch about their reward.

The group then attempted to meet the Princess during brunch. The attempts to use the hat of disguise in the bathroom to look like a server failed, as the Paladin noticed something amiss and would not let the “server” near her. A scene was then caused with a middle-aged balding man, who had complained earlier about not being seated sooner. The bouncers intervened, and the group left the hotel.

After purchasing two tickets to Gallery 42, where the Princess was scheduled to be that night, Creed and Eevan made their way there. As Creed got near the Princess, her dog got scared and ran off. Creed was able to grab it as it tried to run away and Eevan took the dog and calmed him down. Using this as his in, Eevan returned the dog to the Princess and was invited to hang out with her and her entourage. After partying for a while, Eevan snuck the letter to Princess, on which they had earlier written the address of the hotel they were staying at.

Player / Character Hero Points Earned Hero Points Spent Asshole Points Earned & Spent Spent + / - Forfeited
Chris / Fofur 6 4 0 4 0
Evan / Templeton 3 6 0 6 0
Nat / Creed 3 7 0 7 0
Russ / Eevan 2 1 0 1 0



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