The Good King

16 [GM] - Frame Job

With Templeton out of the city, he found a lookout spot along the road to Ludvika to watch for the others in the group.

With Raion pushing Creed along in a wheelbarrow, the two back to the Frost Bite Inn, to talk to Fofur and Gralaak.

Fofur, now a ninja, was practicing his ninja skills in preparation for his “secret mission”. The group convinced Fofur that they were never interested in watches or jewelry, and that was just a cover story for their real secret mission, which they would embark upon shortly. The two then met with Gralaak, but were unable to convince Gralaak to leave the inn as he said the constables told him to stay put as they investigated the Midnight Raiders. They then spoke to Petunia and convinced her to send a message to Templeton to have him meet everyone at the painted rock just outside the city.

Raion checked the stables, and found the Templeton’s horse was gone, while the other three were safe and sound. Fofur wheeled Creed back to the Noble Chalie, dumping him from the wheelbarrow only a handful of times.

Petunia delivered the message to Templeton, who decided to then sneak back into the city. He checked into the Princely suite at the Noble Chalice and met up with the group.

Brash’a and Smitty were placated with some more gold and food and the group got some well needed rest.

Creed found that Fofur also had a hat of disguise and Fofur let him wear it.

Next on the group’s agenda was to deliver a letter to the Princess. Being still too early for the Princess to be up after a long night of partying, Creed, Raion and Templeton decided to catch up on their sleep. Meanwhile, Fofur decided that he really needed a new hat, and set off to find one.

After awaking from their nap, Creed, Raion & Templeton then went to search for Fofur, but noticed that they were being followed. They attacked the four thugs and luckily Fofur was nearby and joined the fray. The group killed three while the fourth ran off. In an unusual display of quick-thinking problem solving, Raion then planed 2 pair of dice stolen from Minder & Tweely’s on one of the dead bodies, while Templeton planted one of the stolen watches on another. With the city in lock-down, the guards should be responding soon…

Player / Character Hero Points Earned Hero Points Spent Asshole Points Earned & Spent Spent + / - Forfeited
Evan / Templeton 5 1 0 1 0
Chris / Fofur 13 2 0 2 0
Nat / Creed 3 0 0 0 0
Kevin / Raion 6 3 0 3 0



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