The Good King

15 & 15.5 [GM] - The Escape

After barreling through the fence that they had set on fire, the group was left standing in a back alleyway.

Templeton, donning his hat of disguise ran off down the street proclaiming to those nearby that an ice troll was coming and they had better run. After making it a way down the street, he changed into an attractive female form and ducked into an accountants office. Once inside, after failing to charm the boring accountant, he put him to sleep, rummaged through his desk and shelves and made off toward the inn.

Eevan ducked into the back door of a grocer from the alley, nimbly darting through the stock room to the shop floor. Creed followed. Once inside the stock room he turned and yelled for Gralaak to follow. As he made his way through the stock room more clumsily, he came upon a stock boy, whom he disemboweled. Approaching the shop floor as a demon, Creed began yelling to “stop the halflng thief”. The grocery clerk at first attempted to intervene, until seeing Creed’s horrible visage turn the corner and deciding to not get involved. Eevan ran out of the store followed shortly by Creed.

Gralaak returned to the crime scene and attempted to disrupt the various footprints in the snow in back of the shop. After doing so, he ran headfirst into one of the structural beams of the burning shop and knocked himself silly. The city guard arrived in short order and found Gralaak laying on the ground. Recognizing him from the tavern the day prior, they helped him up and asked him what happened. He said he had come upon the burning building as it was being robbed, but was blindsided by one of the robbers as he tried to apprehend them. The guards told him to sit tight and relax until the investigator got there. The investigator questioned Gralaak, who reiterated his earlier story. When asked to identify the robbers, Gralaak described them as 5 or 6, all human, wearing black hoods. Beyond all coincidence, the investigator noted that there was indeed a thieves guild called “The Midnight Raiders” that had recently been stirring up trouble in Oreington. The investigator asked Gralaak where he was staying, and told him to stay there in case he had any futher questions. He noted that the city would be under lock down, so nobody would be able to get in or out.

Raion, disguised as a drunkard, stayed within earshot of the group, first tracking Templeton, then Eevan and Creed.

When Eevan and Creed returned to the inn, they found a note from Templeton, saying he had left the city and headed to Ludvika. The two then knocked on Brash’a and Smitty’s door, bribing them to leave the Frost Bite Inn. With Eevan buying some nice clothes, the four then rented two rooms at the upscale Noble Chalice. Unbeknownst to Brash’a and Smitty, the room they are currently occupying is the “children’s” suite, which can be locked from the outside by the occupants of the “master” suite (Creed and Eevan).

Raion tracked Creed and Eevan, and after seeing them enter the Noble Chalice, purchased a really nice outfit to better blend in. Raion then entered the Noble Chalice and met back up with Eevan and Creed. Creed realized that he hadn’t head from Gralaak since the heist and that Fofur and Petunia are likely back at the Frost Bite Inn. Creed then gave Raion a gem to have him fetch a wheelbarrow to carry him around as a cripple.

Meanwhile, Templeton made his way to the city gate. Seeming nervous, the guard at the gate began to stop him for further inspection. A handful of platinum quickly changed his tune and Templeton (looking as himself) got out of the city.

Eevan chatted up some people in the common area and learned that Princess Reykavick is staying at the Kaslautenen Inn, in town for the fashion convention that now appears to be cancelled, since the city is under lockdown.

For the Heist and Escape adventures, all players receive 3,000xp or advance to level 3 (whichever is greater / player’s choice).

Player / Character Hero Points Earned Hero Points Spent Asshole Points Earned & Spent Spent + / - Forfeited
Evan / Templeton 9 11 0 11 0
Josh / Gralaak 3 4 1 3 0
Nat / Creed 7 8 0 8 0
Kevin / Raion 2 1 1 0 0
Russ / Eevan 5 9 0 9 0
Clark / Smitty 1 3 0 3 0



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