The Good King

[11] Spreading the Good Word

So, yesterday, I met a new friend. It turns out that he is the hgih priest of Swindlius, who is a really awesome guy. Well, a god. I learned all about Swindlius and I can’t wait to tell everyone about him!

Gralaak also really liked Swindlius, I think he might join me in telling everyone about him.

We found out that there were some crazy people in the middle of town talking about the end of days. We decided that they needed to be told about Swindlius so that they wouldn’t need to be scared anymore. They reacted oddly though and attacked us. I don’t understand why anyone would reject the good word of Swindlius.

After the battle, I took up the position on the fountain and started proclaiming to the people returning to the (now safe) area about Swindlius. People were so interested that they even called the guards to listen.

Later on Ari called us to meet with him. He explained a new mission to us, involving Orengton, a city to the north in the kingdom of Reykavik. In the city is a gnome and a dwarf who have crafted an amazing pocket watch for a lady—- something like that. I kinda got distracted. Ari was wearing new armor I think. It looked nice and shiny.

Oh wait. We have to buy a watch. Then Ari will give us 25 platinums. I never noticed his accent before. That’s interesting. So is Swindlius. He’ll love the coins. I never figured out what kind of coins he likes best. I’ll have to ask the high priest when I see him next time.

We got ready for our journey and Ari made sure we got special fur-lined purple cloaks – like Swindlius prefers in cold climates.

Along the way, we were attacked by some red goblins. They did some damage, but we were able to eliminate them. Cree… er Templeton explained that these were not goblins, even though they looked just like them, but were instead sent by some sort of enemy of his.



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