Fofur, son of Grond

Fofur is a strong dwarf who was probably dropped 2 too many times as a child.


“When I got to the city, I had a lot of fun. Everyone wanted to say hi and everyone wanted to be my friend. But I couldn’t let them all. What sense would that make? Lots of best friends? You don’t understand what ‘best’ means. Go back to school!”

“Just kidding. You seem like a good guy. Would you like to be my best friend?”

“Hey, one time I swam across the whole ocean. It was big, but I’m a very good swimmer. I did it all in an hour. Next time I think I can do better. People think that because I’m so short I can’t do things like that. But they are totally wrong. I hate those people. I’m an excellent swimmer.”

“Have you ever gone swimming? I could teach you some-”

“… be right back, Best Friend. I need to go buy that hammer. It’s huge!”

“Hello, I’m Fofur. Can I buy that hammer? You’d be my best friend if you sold it to me. I only have 120 gold coins though.”

“Really? You would do that? You would sell me the 200 gold coin hammer for only 120 because we go way back? That’s great!”

“What does going ‘way back’ mean?”

“Oh, so it’s because we’re best friends that you’ll do it. Thank you so much. Oh! I have to go to that bar, I think I saw beer there.”

Fofur, son of Grond

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