The Good King

18 [GM] - The Cost of Doing Business

With Templeton alone in the prince suite, McNulty came knocking on the door. Templeton invited him in. McNulty asked where his blue bodyguard was, to which Templeton replied that he was not there currently…

McNulty said he knew the group was really being the jewelry store burning, with the blue demon and halfling being identified by the clerk in the grocery store they ran through during the escape. The halflings badger footprints and smell were identified at the crime scene. The demon’s footprints at the battle with the Midnight Raiders linked Templeton and the rest of the group as well. Gralaak cracked after some short additional questioning.

McNulty explained that he didn’t really care about Minder & Tweely’s. The Midnight Raiders were on the hook for the heist, but there was still the matter of tax to be paid. He said Gralaak would be staying in the city and competing in he gladitorial fights against his cousin, an up and coming fighter named Marlo Stanfeld. As for the rest of the group, he said they owed 1,000gp or 2,000gp worth of jewelry. He also needs the Midnight Raiders out of his hair.

The two agreed on the following deal:

  • Rask would lead the group to the Midnight Raiders hideout in the mountains the next day. The group then gets rid of the Midnight Raiders. All reward money (50gp a head) would go toward the 1,000gp tax.

  • McNulty will then get the jewelry sold. After the rest of the tax is paid from that sale, McNulty would get 25% of the remaining proceeds.

  • Once that is complete, the group needs to leave the city in short order.

McNulty then gave Templeton the address and password to a high-end gambling joint. As there was a knock at the door (the rest of the group), McNulty downed his cocktail and drank a potion of invisibility, presumably leaving as the door was opened.

That night, Templeton, Eevan and Fofur went out to the gambling hall. While the actual deeds of the night are yet to be written, Fofur awoke in the morning with “IAmDumb” written on his forehead in ash, an empty green bottle with no label, and a case of the crabs…

The next morning, Rask lead the group of Templeton, Eevan, Fofur & Smitty up the mountain to the Midnight Raiders cave hideout. Templeton convinced Rask and his snow leopard to kill two of the Raiders for a nominal fee, as well as draw the two guarding the front down the path.

With a little help, the group dispatched all of the remaining Midnight Raiders; the leader, two lieutenants, and ten underlings. At the end of the battle Fofur collapsed, but was not yet dead…

Player / Character Hero Points Earned Hero Points Spent Asshole Points Earned & Spent Spent + / - Forfeited
Chris / Fofur 5 14 0 14 0
Evan / Templeton 4 2 0 2 0
Russ / Eevan 3 6 0 6 0
Clark / Smitty 4 2 0 2 0
17 [GM] - Party Like a Princess

Raion went to get the guards, and returned shortly. During that time, Creed and Templeton reminded Fofur that he still needed a new hat. Fofur then split from the battle’s location to continue his search. He ended up delivering a drug package in exchange for a new hat.

The guards arrived with Raion and contained the crime scene, saying they were waiting for the investigator. After an uneventful wait, the investigator Jimmy McNulty showed up. Templeton explained that they had been attacked by who he guessed were the Midnight Raiders. They fought back, with Templeton killing two with his rapier and Creed (his bodyguard) killing the other with a dagger. When the investigator indicated that they were indeed Midnight Raiders, Templeton inquired about a reward. McNulty said he would let them know and asked where they were staying. He sent one of the guards, Ryeback to verify the information. Templeton requested to be able to leave, and McNulty said everything had to go “by the book”. He then cast a spell on the one Creed killed, which Templeton identified as Blood Biography. After casting a second spell that neither could identify, he moved on to the two that Templeton killed. There he appeared to cast Blood Biography again, and then found “items” on the bodies that he called one of the guards over to validate in his notebook.

When Ryeback returned and their story checked out, McNulty said they were free to go and that he expected the lock down to last only a day or so longer. Templeton invited him to his room at the Noble Chalice, which McNulty declined, but said someone would be in touch about their reward.

The group then attempted to meet the Princess during brunch. The attempts to use the hat of disguise in the bathroom to look like a server failed, as the Paladin noticed something amiss and would not let the “server” near her. A scene was then caused with a middle-aged balding man, who had complained earlier about not being seated sooner. The bouncers intervened, and the group left the hotel.

After purchasing two tickets to Gallery 42, where the Princess was scheduled to be that night, Creed and Eevan made their way there. As Creed got near the Princess, her dog got scared and ran off. Creed was able to grab it as it tried to run away and Eevan took the dog and calmed him down. Using this as his in, Eevan returned the dog to the Princess and was invited to hang out with her and her entourage. After partying for a while, Eevan snuck the letter to Princess, on which they had earlier written the address of the hotel they were staying at.

Player / Character Hero Points Earned Hero Points Spent Asshole Points Earned & Spent Spent + / - Forfeited
Chris / Fofur 6 4 0 4 0
Evan / Templeton 3 6 0 6 0
Nat / Creed 3 7 0 7 0
Russ / Eevan 2 1 0 1 0
16 [GM] - Frame Job

With Templeton out of the city, he found a lookout spot along the road to Ludvika to watch for the others in the group.

With Raion pushing Creed along in a wheelbarrow, the two back to the Frost Bite Inn, to talk to Fofur and Gralaak.

Fofur, now a ninja, was practicing his ninja skills in preparation for his “secret mission”. The group convinced Fofur that they were never interested in watches or jewelry, and that was just a cover story for their real secret mission, which they would embark upon shortly. The two then met with Gralaak, but were unable to convince Gralaak to leave the inn as he said the constables told him to stay put as they investigated the Midnight Raiders. They then spoke to Petunia and convinced her to send a message to Templeton to have him meet everyone at the painted rock just outside the city.

Raion checked the stables, and found the Templeton’s horse was gone, while the other three were safe and sound. Fofur wheeled Creed back to the Noble Chalie, dumping him from the wheelbarrow only a handful of times.

Petunia delivered the message to Templeton, who decided to then sneak back into the city. He checked into the Princely suite at the Noble Chalice and met up with the group.

Brash’a and Smitty were placated with some more gold and food and the group got some well needed rest.

Creed found that Fofur also had a hat of disguise and Fofur let him wear it.

Next on the group’s agenda was to deliver a letter to the Princess. Being still too early for the Princess to be up after a long night of partying, Creed, Raion and Templeton decided to catch up on their sleep. Meanwhile, Fofur decided that he really needed a new hat, and set off to find one.

After awaking from their nap, Creed, Raion & Templeton then went to search for Fofur, but noticed that they were being followed. They attacked the four thugs and luckily Fofur was nearby and joined the fray. The group killed three while the fourth ran off. In an unusual display of quick-thinking problem solving, Raion then planed 2 pair of dice stolen from Minder & Tweely’s on one of the dead bodies, while Templeton planted one of the stolen watches on another. With the city in lock-down, the guards should be responding soon…

Player / Character Hero Points Earned Hero Points Spent Asshole Points Earned & Spent Spent + / - Forfeited
Evan / Templeton 5 1 0 1 0
Chris / Fofur 13 2 0 2 0
Nat / Creed 3 0 0 0 0
Kevin / Raion 6 3 0 3 0
15 & 15.5 [GM] - The Escape

After barreling through the fence that they had set on fire, the group was left standing in a back alleyway.

Templeton, donning his hat of disguise ran off down the street proclaiming to those nearby that an ice troll was coming and they had better run. After making it a way down the street, he changed into an attractive female form and ducked into an accountants office. Once inside, after failing to charm the boring accountant, he put him to sleep, rummaged through his desk and shelves and made off toward the inn.

Eevan ducked into the back door of a grocer from the alley, nimbly darting through the stock room to the shop floor. Creed followed. Once inside the stock room he turned and yelled for Gralaak to follow. As he made his way through the stock room more clumsily, he came upon a stock boy, whom he disemboweled. Approaching the shop floor as a demon, Creed began yelling to “stop the halflng thief”. The grocery clerk at first attempted to intervene, until seeing Creed’s horrible visage turn the corner and deciding to not get involved. Eevan ran out of the store followed shortly by Creed.

Gralaak returned to the crime scene and attempted to disrupt the various footprints in the snow in back of the shop. After doing so, he ran headfirst into one of the structural beams of the burning shop and knocked himself silly. The city guard arrived in short order and found Gralaak laying on the ground. Recognizing him from the tavern the day prior, they helped him up and asked him what happened. He said he had come upon the burning building as it was being robbed, but was blindsided by one of the robbers as he tried to apprehend them. The guards told him to sit tight and relax until the investigator got there. The investigator questioned Gralaak, who reiterated his earlier story. When asked to identify the robbers, Gralaak described them as 5 or 6, all human, wearing black hoods. Beyond all coincidence, the investigator noted that there was indeed a thieves guild called “The Midnight Raiders” that had recently been stirring up trouble in Oreington. The investigator asked Gralaak where he was staying, and told him to stay there in case he had any futher questions. He noted that the city would be under lock down, so nobody would be able to get in or out.

Raion, disguised as a drunkard, stayed within earshot of the group, first tracking Templeton, then Eevan and Creed.

When Eevan and Creed returned to the inn, they found a note from Templeton, saying he had left the city and headed to Ludvika. The two then knocked on Brash’a and Smitty’s door, bribing them to leave the Frost Bite Inn. With Eevan buying some nice clothes, the four then rented two rooms at the upscale Noble Chalice. Unbeknownst to Brash’a and Smitty, the room they are currently occupying is the “children’s” suite, which can be locked from the outside by the occupants of the “master” suite (Creed and Eevan).

Raion tracked Creed and Eevan, and after seeing them enter the Noble Chalice, purchased a really nice outfit to better blend in. Raion then entered the Noble Chalice and met back up with Eevan and Creed. Creed realized that he hadn’t head from Gralaak since the heist and that Fofur and Petunia are likely back at the Frost Bite Inn. Creed then gave Raion a gem to have him fetch a wheelbarrow to carry him around as a cripple.

Meanwhile, Templeton made his way to the city gate. Seeming nervous, the guard at the gate began to stop him for further inspection. A handful of platinum quickly changed his tune and Templeton (looking as himself) got out of the city.

Eevan chatted up some people in the common area and learned that Princess Reykavick is staying at the Kaslautenen Inn, in town for the fashion convention that now appears to be cancelled, since the city is under lockdown.

For the Heist and Escape adventures, all players receive 3,000xp or advance to level 3 (whichever is greater / player’s choice).

Player / Character Hero Points Earned Hero Points Spent Asshole Points Earned & Spent Spent + / - Forfeited
Evan / Templeton 9 11 0 11 0
Josh / Gralaak 3 4 1 3 0
Nat / Creed 7 8 0 8 0
Kevin / Raion 2 1 1 0 0
Russ / Eevan 5 9 0 9 0
Clark / Smitty 1 3 0 3 0
Charm Offensive
Damm I like Killing move

Escaping from the Mendors and Tweedees turned out to be as well organized as the mass murder. Templeton, the person who blends in best took hat of disguise while the blue demon and half orc were forced to find blend in naturally. He must of gotten a lot of good loot from the safe if he was willing to leave me behind with the other loot. Deciding to follow the Halfling thief Steven, I went into a grocery and made a stupid mistake, by calling Garlicks name out in front of a stock boy. Luckily, the stock boy was overcome with the sudden urge to have his chest ripped open so no damage was done. Getting out of the store proved to be easy as I just pretended I was chasing a thieving Halfling. Lucky, all Halflings are thieves so it was a plausible lie. After that, quick stop at the store to buy my 3rd large cloak in as many days as my old cloak was covered in blood, and back to the inn.

At the inn, there was a note from Templeton, saying he had left town and went to some place that he named, and a receipt for the horses stable. Templeton, probably left some additional clue at the stables, but first I need to recruit some poor sucker to check it out. Although we can’t let Templeton along to long as he cannot be trusted with the safe loot.

Going to my room I found only Steven had returned. Where was Garlick? At this point I must assume he is dead, or captured. If he is alive then I must assume they will torture him until he tells them about the rest of us so we must get out of here quickly. If he is dead, then I am safe. However, he did drink with the guards, and if a guard recognizes, his dead body then they may be able to track us back here. At the Inn, the owner might tell them that we arrived with the Orc and wizard and ask them some questions. The orc and wizard saw me looking at the map of Mendors and Tweedee and therefore can incriminate me. So now do I Kill the wizard and Orc? The Orc is big and wizards are always a problem so with my pathetic human self slowing me down I cannot be sure of success. Plus more dead bodies will bring the guards here. Dammit, I guess I can’t kill them.

Deciding that bribing them would be the best option, I knocked on their door and offered them obscene amount of money, to do basically nothing but come with me. The wizard seemed to want to ask too many questions and I was about to kill them both, when Steven convinced them that this was a good idea.

After asking some questions Steven learned the location of Princess Reykavick and brought some nice clothes then we went to check into a nice hotel. Paying with a gem worth 50 coin I purchased 3 rooms. Dam killing them would have been so much cheaper.
After checking in, Steven decided to go back and check the Inn to see if anyone else escaped.

Tied up people should know a safe word

I learned two things in my old mercenary group the “Golden Rule”. First always be prepared, second people are assholes.
Waking up I went to the magic shop with Steven and Traion. At the store I brought two scrolls of invisibility and a hat of disguise. Traion also brought another scroll of invisibility. Heading back to the Inn we discovered that the rest of the party had gone drinking. Giving specific directions to Steven that he should get Garlic out of the bar by telling him his ring is ready to be picked up I decided to start casing Mendors.
I am a blue demon with a 10 foot long arm, or I am a man with one arm. Either way I uniquely suited not to be inconspicuously. Luckily, our group has 3 thieves who specialize in casing joints. After 7 hours of casing the Join by myself , the rest of my party arrived. Apparently, Steven decided not to tell Garlic his ring was ready so now Garlic was very drunk and very useless.
Asking, the thieves to continue to case the joint, I went into an Alley way to play Rock in Garbage can. A game that consist of putting a rock in a Garbage can. After explaining the rules to Garlic 3 times he seemed to grasp the concept and seemed to enjoy the game.
About an hour later, Templeton came back to tell me that the others had disappeared, and that they were probably shadowing the store owners. Later I would find out those A-Hole decide casing joints was an action not worthy of thieves and that wondering around looking at dogs was a better use of their time.
After this I went back to casing the joint and when the female, store clerk left for the night I tried to follow her. Again, I am the least qualified person to do this and I lost her in the crowd.
Deciding, that despite having 3 thieves , stealth was not an option we decided instead to just go in and kill everyone. This plan worked out great. I went to the door, and as a full human banged on the door and screamed trying to get the guard to let me in. This created enough noise that the rest of the party was able to sneak in and incapacitate the guard, who Garlic killed. After cleaning up the blood and fixing the damaged door, to remove any signs of intrusion. We waited for the owners to come in to give us the code to the safe.
With the help of an invisibility scroll and a Hat of disguise we were able to get the lady and the day guard into the store. They didn’t have the code so we killed them. Later Mendor and Twedee came in and with the hat of disguise and the last invisibility scroll we were able to capture them. They refused to give us the code so we killed them. In retrospect a scroll of detect thoughts would have been a good purchase. Now that we had succeeded into turning a simple robbery into a Mass murder, we decided to set off the alarm in broad day light to make escape more difficult and burn the place down well because we can.
On the plus side we did get the safe open, so it’s a success.

14 [GM] - The Heist

After purchasing the watch the group split up, some heading to O’Leary’s with Gralaak to drink with the guards, while the rest went to purchase magic supplies with Creed.

At O’Leary’s, Gralaak got thoroughly inebriated, though he did make many friends by buying rounds of drinks again and again. When he began to talk about “Minder & Tweely’s” Templeton sprung into action and put the half-orc to sleep to keep him quiet. With a wheel barrow purchased, the group began carting Gralaak back to the inn.

Deciding the next course of action to be intelligence gathering, the group stopped by Minder & Tweely’s and picked up Gralaak’s earring. The intelligence gathering consisted of looking at the guard dog in the back of the building, throwing rocks at garbage cans, following the store clerk to pickup dinner, and attempting to follow the store clerk home before ultimately losing the trail.

Determining their efforts sufficient to pull of the heist, the group set their “plan” in motion late that night during the snowfall. First Eevan charmed the guard dog. Templeton, Eevan and Raion climbed up on the stock room and through a second-story window. Creed reverted to his crippled form and began banging at the front door to create a distraction, while Gralaak stood next to him under an invisibility spell.

Once inside, Raion was able to maintain his steath by not wearing any shoes, obviously. Templeton failed to put the guard to sleep, then failed to cause him fits of laughter, then finally succeeded at putting him to sleep. After binding the guard, the group woke him up to try to get the code word to the stone of alarm on the safe. Claiming he did not know the code word, Gralaak attempted to cause bodily harm to help him remember, but ultimately killed him.

Creed used some magic to cleanup the mess, while Templeton donned the security bracelet and hat of disguise to attempt to look like the guard. The group then decided to wait for the clerk and store owners to open the shop in the morning and get the code word from them. With Eevan on the lookout, the group readied themselves as the clerk and second security guard approached the store. As they entered the door, the group ambushed them and tied them up. With the second guard and clerk also claiming to not know the code word, they were also killed. The group cleaned the place out, with the exception of the still locked safe.

As a few patrons approached the store, Templeton (as the guard) told them the store was closed for now and to come back later that afternoon. Again, the group lay in wait to ambush the store owners upon their arrival. Minder and Tweely entered the store and were attacked. Tweely was killed as he attempted to escape. At first Minder refused to give the code word. The group healed Tweely, and then promptly returned him to the dead when he also refused to reveal the code word. At this second death, Minder told the group the word. Not knowing whether it to be true or not, Minder was killed anyway and Templeton approached the safe.

As the false word was spoken the blast glyph was detonated, knocking Templeton to the ground, and setting the alarm off. As the rest of the group started their escape out the rear of the store, to even his own surprise Templeton somehow managed to pick the lock on the safe and steal its contents.

Hero points pending the conclusion of the heist…
On their way out the back, Creed and Gralaak stepped on the trapped rear platform, Raion (now with shoes on) set fire to the fence, the guard dog was slain and the group barreled through the now-on-fire fence.

[13] [GM] - Road to Oreington Part 3

After defeating the Schir demon, the group made camp for the night. Two new “junior members” of the group were added, Smitty the Wolf Slayer and Brash’a the orc gladiator. The next morning was noticeably colder than the previous as the group gathered up to continue on their way. Not long into the morning, the sounds of hooves approaching could be heard.

A herd of five Aurochs charged down the path toward the group. Some chose to stand their ground and attack the aurochs, while others retreated off the path and behind the cart. The stampeding herd was thinned down by Brash’a and Gralaak, but not before one trampled through their defenses and smashed into the cart, breaking a wheel. As the group assessed the damage, an Ice Troll came down the path.

Everyone but Gralaak decided to let the Ice Troll make the first move, as Gralaak charged in for the attack. Only one swing by each was made before Templeton put Gralaak to sleep, hoping to avoid further conflict. A tense stare-down ensued as the Ice Troll gathered up for aurochs and dragged his hunt back into the mountains.

The group made it to the city of Oreington just at nightfall. The mix of stories told to the guards at the gate was confusing enough that they simply let the group in, not wanting to hear anymore.

Rooms were rented at the Frost Bite Inn, and most of the group then spent the night drinking to excess at the Bloody Knuckle Tavern. A good time was had by most, though Templeton did learn again that half-orcs don’t wash their hands after urinating in the alley…

The next morning the group had breakfast at the Tin Plate. Eevan accompanied Smitty and Brash’a to the gladitorial fights while the rest found Minder & Tweely’s shop. There they purchased the wrist watch for the Queen for a mere 5,000gp after being given 8,500gp to acquire the piece. Gralaak also bought a bone earring that the dwarf jeweler Minder said would be ready later that afternoon.

Player / Character Hero Points Earned Hero Points Spent Asshole Points Earned & Spent Spent + / - Forfeited
Evan / Templeton 5 8 0 8 0
Josh / Gralaak 4 3 0 3 0
Nat / Creed 2 0 0 0 0
Kevin / Raion 1 0 0 0 0
Adam / Brash’a 0 0 0 0 0
Clark / Smitty 2 0 0 0 0
[13] [GM] - Road to Oreington Part 2

After conversing amongst themselves, the group decided to go back into the mansion and purchase the map of Minder & Tweely’s from Aubrey. Once they got audience with Aubrey, they found that the price had gone up to 1,200gp! Fortunately for the group, Creed stayed outside and Templeton was able to negotiate the price down a little to 1,100gp. With the deal complete, the group was on their way back to the main road. With the group behind their planned timeline, they kicked it into high gear and continued on their way.

The rest of the second day was uneventful. During the night watch, Gralaak and Raion were distracted by the sounds of a few wolves leading to nothing but interrupted sleep for the rest of the party.

The next morning the group continued north. Before noon, they could feel vibrations in the ground ahead and see trees shaking. A pinkish flash darted by everyone, seemingly ending up in Eevan’s hair. With that the shaking and felled trees revealed to be an ogre. The group battled the ogre as the pinkish flash showed herself as a pixie sprite and asked Eevan for help. With the ogre defeated, the pink haired 8 inch tall pixie sprite introduced herself as Petunia and said she was indebted to the group three times over.

The rest of the day, the group continued the road north. Another uneventful evening lead to an uneventful morning or travel. In the afternoon, encountered a small group of hellion goblins and dispatched them swiftly. The first group preceded a second and third group. By the time the third group was defeated, Creed head a voice speak to him in his head, beckoning him west from the path to battle. While Eevan and Templeton continued their schemes with the jewelry store map, the rest of group followed Creed to battle.

What they found was a goat headed humanoid, covered in mangy grey hide, sitting on a tattered chair and chewing on his halberd. With more hellion goblins surrounding him, he told the group to “run” as battle ensued. As the battle neared it conclusion, the mention of the Vahrall by Creed prompted the response “You think I was sent by the Vahrall? My, how you have strayed from your flock.”. With that, the Schir demon was slain and the battle was over.

Templeton unlocked the achievement “Waste not want not”

Player / Character Hero Points Earned Hero Points Spent Asshole Points Earned & Spent Spent + / - Forfeited
Chris / Fofur 1 0 0 0 0
Russ / Eevan 8 5 0 5 0
Evan / Templeton 14 16 0 16 0
Josh / Gralaak 6 8 0 8 0
Nat / Creed 6 10 0 10 0
Kevin / Raion 3 3 0 3 0
Clark 1 0 0 0 0
[12] Swindlius loves things everyone!

In the morning after the battle, we met up with Creed and Rayon. Creed hadn’t heard of Swindlius! So, I told him all about what he likes – even the trees, I found out that yesterday when I prayed, I think that he might follow Swindlius as well. I hope so – because Creed is a good guy and Swindlius is good, so they will probably like each other.

Eventually, we found a town and it was decided unanimously that it was important that we spread Swindlius’ good name. At the outskirts of town, we met a guy named Lahey who was worried about Julian. He fell asleep, but later Randy came out and fed us cheeseburgers – and told us all about the cheeseburger picnic that was happening tomorrow.

After we left the town, we entered the woods, at which point a group jumped out in front of us demanding a toll. It didn’t take long for us to decide that we didn’t want to pay the toll and battle ensued.

The brigands were strong, but we brought down each of them in turn. They’ve gone to meet Swindlius.

After the battle ended, we learned from the head brigand – who wasn’t quite dead about his leader, Magnus and that he would reward us if we let the head brigand live. The head brigand led us to their hideout shortly after the battle.

It turns out that this head bandit is really interested in Swindlius. Who would’ve thought?

I guess it’s just like they say “Swindlius works in mysterious ways!”

In the hideout, we were introduced to Aubrey Magnus. I wanted to be sure that the head brigand didn’t get into too much trouble for his weakness and spoke to her about the conversations that he and I had been having.


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